Pit Barrel Cooker Company Classic Charcoal Barrel Cooker- Black

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The Classic Pit Barrel Cooker is the perfect solution for all your grilling and smoking needs. The drum cooker can cook anything from brisket to veggies flawlessly with ease. It’s unmatched capacity allows for more than double that of regular horizontal cookers at a fraction of the cost.

Fuel Type: Charcoal

Product Type: Barrel Cooker

Color: Black

No Assembly Required

Manual Ignition

What’s Included: 30 Gallon Steel Drum, Lid, 8 Stainless Steel Hooks, 2 Steel Hanging Rods, Charcoal Basket, Standard Grill Grate, Wooden Hook Remover, Three Point Barrel Stand, All Purpose Pit Rub, Beef and Game Pit Rub.


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